Paper & Envelope Sizes

Please find below a list of standard paper sizes. As each job we produce is made to order, we can print onto any custom paper or card size you require.

Standard Paper Sizes:

  • A3 size (Paper size: 297mm width x 420mm height)
  • A4 size (Paper size: 210mm width x 297mm height)
  • A5 size (Paper size: 148mm width x 210mm height)
  • DL size (Paper size: 99mm width x 210mm height)* 
  • A6 size (Paper size: 105mm width x 148mm height)
  • A7 size (Paper size: 74mm width x 105mm height)

Envelope Sizes:

  • DL size (size: 110mm x 220mm)
  • C5 size (size: 162mm x 229mm)
  • C4 size (size: 229mm x 324mm)

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We can print onto all paper sizes in both landscape and portrait orientation. We can also print to custom paper sizes. Please contact us if you have a particular requirement.

*We refer to this size as being DL, however the size we actually print is 1/3 of A4 size (99mm x 210mm). DL is actually an envelope size.

Please click here if you require more information regarding international paper sizes.

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Check out our Most Popular Products Collection