Custom NCR Carbonless Paper Printing Specialists

Custom NCR Carbonless Paper Printing Specialists

Custom NCR Carbonless Paper Printing Specialists. Personalised Custom Printed Duplicate (2 Part), Triplicate (3 Part) and Quadruplicate (4 Part) NCR Paper Forms - Printed to Order. We can print from your supplied design in PDF format, or let us design a personalised form for you.

Available as: Pads (Glued), Books (Perforated & Stapled) or Sets (Individual). Personalised & Printed to Your Exact Needs!
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Duplicate NCR Pads

Triplicate NCR Pads

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We’re certainly not a faceless online company, we aim to offer the best of both worlds, a quick easy online ordering process, coupled with the personal touch when you need support.

We Custom Print NCR Pads, NCR Books, NCR Sets & Printed Forms etc. Professional Quality Duplicate, Triplicate & Quadruplicate Paper Printing Services. We use the finest quality materials to manufacture bespoke NCR print for UK business. Write on the top sheet of an NCR form and an impression is automatically made on subsequent NCR sheets below!

Carbonless NCR Paper reproduces an image, text or signature from the NCR top sheet, all the way through to the bottom sheets of a multi-part NCR business form. Each NCR form will be custom printed and personalised to each businesses needs.

We can either design your beautiful print for you, or you can supply your PDF file artwork direct for print. If you would prefer to supply your files "print ready" then please check that your files are 300dpi, CMYK format and have 3mm bleed on all sides. If you need further information on how to supply your files correctly for print please contact us for more information.

Order today and we will provide an efficient and professional service, ensuring you receive a quality, custom manufactured order - delivered direct to your door!

Carbonless NCR forms have a multitude of business purposes and are commonly used in front of customers for the purposes of record keeping and making an immediate copy of a document.

Duplicate NCR

Triplicate NCR

Quadruplicate NCR

NCR Printing

We use the leading, premium quality resin-coated carbonless paper; this offers high opacity, and very good image retention. As well as the NCR top, NCR middle and NCR  bottom sheets, we also use premium quality pre-collated NCR paper - optimised for premium digital printing requirements.

We use professional high quality lithographic printing presses and high grade digital technology to produce outstanding results and exceptional custom business products.

Please read below for an insight to the professional grade NCR paper used in the production of your bespoke manufactured order:

Top Sheet CB

Carbonless NCR paper with microcapsule coating on the back, premium CB is used as the top sheet in professional NCR business forms, sets, pads and books. This high quality NCR sheet ensures superb lithographic offset printing, together with fantastic on press performance.

Middle Sheet CFB

Coated on the front, with a colour receiving layer, and on the recerse with microcapsules, our premium NCR CFB is used as the centre page in professional NCR business forms, sets, pads and books. This is because this NCR sheet can receive and also pass on copies. This premium quality NCR sheet ensures fantastic lithographic offset printing, and a 'no problem' on-press situation. The NCR sheet is high quality to ensures fantastic lithographic offset print and stress free on printing press performances.

Bottom Sheet CF

Coated on the front of the NCR sheet with a reactive substance, and uncoated on the back, quality CF is used as the final/bottom page in professional NCR business forms, sets, pads and books. This premium quality NCR sheet ensures excellent lithographic offset print, and stress free, on press performance.

Pre-collated NCR Sets

Two (2 part), three (3 part) and four (4 part) pre collated NCR carbonless sets come in different sheet sizes. The perfect solution for applications where the custom printed information has to be the same (common) on all parts of the NCR set.

Digital Specific NCR Paper

Premium digital carbonless NCR paper is optimised for all digital printing purposes. Printing professional business forms on-demand has never been easier and more popular. One product does it all – helping productivity and enabling a fantastic print experience. We can create a wide variety of professional, business quality NCR forms with digital print features including; barcodes, branded logos, consecutive numbering, together with any amount of variable data or personalisation. This creates the opportunity for bespoke and professional printing.

Carbonless Paper Printing 

Personalised and Printed NCR (No Carbon Required) Multi Part Invoices, Receipts, Job Sheets, Order Pads, Document Forms, Waste Pads and Transfer Forms etc. Made to order and printed onto NCR (No Carbon Required) Self Carbonating Paper. Each job we manufacture is made to order and will be printed to your exact needs (with your business information and logo and branding etc). Proudly crafted business products made with love and care in the UK.

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NCR Printing Information

NCR paper has eliminated the need for blue carbon paper (which can be messy to use). The acronym NCR stands for 'No Carbon Required' Carbonless forms. This is a specialist type of paper which is a replacement to blue carbon paper (that was previously used to make instant duplicates of a printed business form).

NCR paper has no mess, the reverse of the first NCR sheet of paper is coated with a specialist coating micro encapsulated dye. The front of the second NCR sheet is coated with a clay which very quickly reacts with the dye to form a permanent mark on the NCR sheet. Any subsequent NCR sheets needed are also coated with the clay on top and dye on the bottom. This enables 2,3,4 copies of the original completed form.

When the top NCR sheet is written on, pressure of the pen or pencil makes the coating on the reverse of the top NCR sheet react with the coating on the face of the bottom NCR sheet, causing the micro capsules to react and break and spill the dye. As the capsules are so small, the print obtained on subsequent NCR sheets is very precise. NCR paper even works if you are using a dot matrix printer.

We offer four sizes as standard; A4 (210 x 297mm), A5 (148 x 210mm), A6 (105 x 148mm) and DL (99 x 210mm). A3 size and bespoke sizes are also available on request.

NCR Print

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