What are NCR Pads?

What are NCR Pads?

Working with NCR Carbonless Pads all day, we know exactly what NCR Pads, in all their variations are. We know that many people may not have heard the term ‘NCR pads’ before and it is a print industry specific term, therefore may not really know what they are looking at. We supply custom made carbonless pads which are made with specialist NCR paper.

This is why we decided to write a blog post to explain what NCR Pads are, and where and how you might use them.

What Are NCR Pads?

NCR Pads consist of 50 x NCR sets which are glued together and have a greyboard backing card. NCR (No Carbon Required) is simply an advancement of old messy blue carbon paper. With carbon paper there was a messy blue piece of paper needed to transfer the writing between the pages. It was a slow and messy process. NCR specialist paper replaces the old system.

Specialist NCR paper is impregnated with ink which rupture under pressure this in turn ‘writes’ on several sheets of paper at once. This makes the old fashioned messy blue carbon paper obsolete. It also makes for a neater, easier and simpler job.

Why Are They Better?

The answer to this is that they save time. Without having to mess around finding lost sheets of carbon paper, you can simply write and make two or three copies of any document instantly. They are also much neater than using traditional carbon paper, and the customisation available means that they can be tailored to your business needs.

What Forms Can They Come In?

We have the expertise and machinery to produce customised NCR forms in all shapes and sizes and tailored to order. We also provide proofs for approval before printing.


To find out more about NCR Paper, or the custom NCR pads NCR books and NCR Forms that we supply, please call (0191) 289 4755

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