Roller Banners Production Cycle

Roller Banners Production Cycle

Roller display banners are exciting things to print and manufacture. They are printed to your exact design and pre-fitted - ready for dispatch. Roller Banners are currently one of our most popular products and are widely used by a wide range of businesses to promote their brand message.

Come with us as we take a look at the production journey of display roller banner. We take you through the process involved to produce a fully formed roller display banner.

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As with all artwork designs that comes through to us, first stop is with our professional artwork studio team. 

Our experienced team will ensure that your artwork design is okay to use and print. They’ll pick up on things like transparency issues, the use of RGB colours or resolution issues (remember that we require artwork at 150 DPI for large format products). If they’re satisfied that the file is ready for production, they quickly upload it and send to production.


Display roller banners are printed on our fantastic HP Scitex 11,000 machinery. We use this press for all of our large and wide format printing. This is because of its ability to print on a comprehensive range of substrates. This machinery is also able to print on 220mic PVC which we use for the display roller banners we manufacture. The Scitex machinery can also print onto more unusual substrates such as dibond and correx. It can even print onto 300mm material!

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The Scitex machinery is an ink jet printer, so it doesn’t use toner and instead it applies ink drops onto the substrate. The print heads used to apply the ink can adjust in size as necessary to produce your print to an amazing high quality. Large ink drops to create smooth block colours but the Scitex machinery can also apply highly precise drops for finer intricate detail.

Trimming process

After the printing process, your display roller banner will move straight onto guillotining and for roller banners, this means our Cauhé 260 guillotine. We will normally trim between 25 and 50 display roller banners at a any one time for efficiency.

This guillotine is actually capable of cutting much more than that but handling such a large number of display banners can be a complex procedure and can lead to damage if due care is not observed. In order to ensure the quality of your roller banner, we keep the number in production down to a more manageable level.

Pull Up Display Banners

Our guillotine is pre programmed with settings for all the different sized customised products that we manufacture and print. The back wall of the guillotine automatically moves to the next position after each precise cut. This is so that your display roller banner can be pushed against it and be in the correct position to be cut. This automation means that our experienced operator simply has to select to right program and rotate your roller banners when needed.


Once trimmed, your display roller banners need to be assembled. They will be taken to our packaging area where our experienced production team attach the printed banner to the retracting mechanism within its case.

Importantly, we do this process manually so that a human eye can assess the precision of the fitting. Even by doing this manually, our packagers only take roughly 3 minutes to assemble a roller banner and make sure everything is perfect for dispatch. Each order for roller banners is quality checked before dispatch.

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