NCR Paper Printing Specialist - Personalised Business Products

NCR Paper Printing Specialist - Personalised Business Products

Carbonless NCR Paper reproduces an image, text or signature from the NCR top sheet, all the way through to the bottom sheets of a multi-part NCR business form. Each NCR form will be custom printed and personalised to each businesses needs.

We use the leading, premium quality resin-coated carbonless paper; this offers high opacity, and very good image retention. As well as the NCR top, NCR middle and NCR  bottom sheets, we also use premium quality pre-collated NCR paper - optimised for premium digital priinting requirements.

We use professional high quality lithographic printing presses and high grade digital technology to produce outstanding results and exceptional custom business products.

NCR printing

Please read below for an insight to the professional grade NCR paper used in the production of your bespoke manufactured order:

Top Sheet CB

Carbonless NCR paper with microcapsule coating on the back, premium CB is used as the top sheet in professional NCR business forms, sets, pads and books. This high quality NCR sheet ensures superb lithographic offset printing, together with fantastic on press performance.

Middle Sheet CFB

Coated on the front, with a colour receiving layer, and on the recerse with microcapsules, our premium NCR CFB is used as the centre page in professional NCR business forms, sets, pads and books. This is because this NCR sheet can receive and also pass on copies. This premium quality NCR sheet ensures fantastic lithographic offset printing, and a 'no problem' on-press situation. The NCR sheet is high quality to ensures fantastic lithographic offset print and stress free on printing press performances.

Bottom Sheet CF

Coated on the front of the NCR sheet with a reactive substance, and uncoated on the back, quality CF is used as the final/bottom page in professional NCR business forms, sets, pads and books. This premium quality NCR sheet ensures excellent lithographic offset print, and stress free, on press performance.

Pre-collated NCR Sets

Two (2 part), three (3 part) and four (4part) pre collated NCR carbonless sets come in different sheet sizes. The perfect solution for applications where the custom printed information has to be the same (common) on all parts of the NCR set.

Digital Specific NCR Paper

Premium digital carbonless NCR paper is optimised for all digital printing purposes. Printing professional business forms on-demand has never been easier and more popular. One product does it all – helping productivity and enabling a fantastic print experience. We can ceate a wide variety of professional, business quality NCR forms with digital print features including; barcodes, branded logos, consecutive numbering, together with any amount of variable data or personalisation. This creates the opportunity for bespoke and professional printing.

NCR paper printing

Personalised and Printed NCR (No Carbon Required) Multi Part Invoices, Receipts, Job Sheets, Order Pads, Document Forms, Waste Pads and Transfer Forms etc. Made to order and printed onto NCR (No Carbon Required) Self Carbonating Paper. Each job we manufacture is order and will be printed to your exact needs (with your business information and logo and branding etc). Proudly crafted business products made with love and care in the UK.

Love print

We print your custom design onto a specialist paper called NCR. We then produce your job to your exact requirements.

NCR paper has eliminated the need for blue carbon paper (which can be messy to use). The acronym NCR stands for 'No Carbon Required' Carbonless forms. This is a specialist type of paper which is a replacement to blue carbon paper (that was previously used to make instant duplicates of a printed business form).

NCR Printing

NCR paper has no mess, the reverse of the first NCR sheet of paper is coated with a specialist coating micro encapsulated dye. The front of the second NCR sheet is coated with a clay which very quickly reacts with the dye to form a permanent mark on the NCR sheet. Any subsequent NCR sheets needed are also coated with the clay on top and dye on the bottom. This enables 2,3,4 copies of the original completed form.

Completed NCR form

When the top NCR sheet is written on, pressure of the pen or pencil makes the coating on the reverse of the top NCR sheet react with the coating on the face of the bottom NCR sheet, causing the micro capsules to react and break and spill the dye. As the capsules are so small, the print obtained on subsequent NCR sheets is very precise. NCR paper even works if you are using a dot matrix printer.

NCR Print

We are the custom NCR print experts. 

Personalised to your design 
Choose one of the options below when ordering: 
1. FREE File Upload (Send us your print ready design) 
2. Professional Design Service + £28.00 (Bespoke design for your order. Proof included. Choose this option if you need more complex design work)

Specialised additional services
Finishing services such as consecutive numberinghinged writing shields and hole punching are available so each job can be completed to your exact requirements. It is also possible to select a bespoke NCR paper colour sequence (available at a surcharge) when ordering.

NCR Print

    Whatever your specific NCR printing requirements, we can help. We think custom printed NCR products are a fantastic 'physical' product which is very relevant and useful - even in this digital age.

    We offer four sizes as standard; A4 (210 x 297mm), A5 (148 x 210mm), A6 (105 x 148mm) and DL (99 x 210mm). A3 size and bespoke sizes are also available on request.

    We have a very helpful FAQ page which answers the most common questions we receive from customers.

    NCR print

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    NCR print


    It is intriguing to remind ourselves of the history behind NCR paper.

    The initial concept of transferring ink onto two separate sheets of paper, thus making two copies was made by two men (Englishman, Ralph Wedgewood and separately Italian, Pellegrino Turri). They were both trying to help blind people write letters, without making a mess when using pen and ink.

    Back in 1806 an English man Ralph Wedgewood designed a stylograph machine and to go with it, the very first invented carbon paper. This was a thin sheet of paper which was coated with wax and ink. This was placed between two sheets. Then horizontal metal wires were placed on the top sheet to be used as a guide for blind users. Ralph Wedgewood further developed his idea by making it possible to transfer information from one sheet to another. This idea was then used in businesses and private documents. A new system was the further developed in which the  writing on the first sheet of paper was written using a metal stylus. The subsequent pressure of this passed through the carbon paper and created an imprint of the writing onto the reverse side of the immediate sheet below. A new business was launched to sell this brand new invention to a range of businesses in England. Lots of people appreciated Ralph Wedgewood’s invention and the idea. Businessmen however still wanted their documents to be written using traditional pen and ink due to concerns about forgery. At this time carbon copies of any document had no legal standing in a court of law.

    Printing press

    In 1808 an Italian man called Pellegrino Turri invented a type writing machine which also used black carbon papers. This was to help his wife to write letters after she became blind. This invention was to go on and help in the development of type writers later in the century. Both of these men were instrumental in creating 'carbon paper' and the idea of transferring words from one sheet of paper to subsequent sheets. They also provided a new method of writing from a traditional pen, something which had been in use since the early 7th century.

    Later in 1823 the American Cyrus Dakin started producing a similar carbon paper to that of Ralph Wedgewood. He then started to sell it to the Associated Press. Businessman Lebbeus Rogers noticed the use of Dakin’s carbon paper and decided to set up his own company (L. H. Rogers and Company) in order to mass produce carbon paper. This was to be used in a new invention linked to this process, namely the type writer! Carbon paper was starting to take off in the business world. The transfer of information to make two, three or more copies of any important document was starting to be widely used by companies.

    It wasn't until back in 1953 that NCR carbonless paper (No Carbon Required) was then invented by 2 chemists named Lowell Schleicher and Barry Green. They both who worked at the National Cash Register. They had invented a brand new process which had eliminated the need for carbon paper (which was inserted between sheets). They had now created a system where ink was released from tiny bubbles inside its texture to be released when pressure was applied, most commonly by a pen. This system together with rapid advances in photo copying and information technology throughout the 20th Century, led to a decline in the old carbon paper system. Schleicher and Green’s invention of NCR paper back in 1953 revolutionised copying throughout the world and is in widespread use to this day.

    Printing presses

    So how does NCR paper work? On the front of each sheet of NCR paper, (except for the top NCR sheet) is a special layer of re-active clay. On the back of each sheet of paper (except the bottom NCR sheet) are very small particles of ink. When pressure is made to the top sheet, usually with a pen, the ink and clay are squeezed together at the point where this force is exerted. This creates an outline on the top sheet of the NCR paper below. Today, multi part NCR pads, NCR books and NCR sets can be found in offices and businesses throughout the world. They are used in numerous situations to enable vendors and customers to keep instant copies of important documents.

    NCR print experts - here to helpWe only print quality NCR Carbonless Products which are quality checked before dispatch. We have a proud reputation of being a quality NCR print provider to the UK marketplace.

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