Lithographic Printing Specialists in North East England

Lithographic Printing Specialists in North East England

Based in Tyne & Wear, we use Lithographic Printing Presses to produce a full range of custom printed business stationery. We print for clients throughout Newcastle upon Tyne and deliver to customers Nationwide.

Lithographic and offset printing (litho printing for short) is where the image of the content you want to produce is placed on a plate and then covered in ink and used for the printing process. This printing process can be used to print onto paper, cardboard and other materials.

The material receiving the image you want to print is placed against the plate and the inks are absorbed. It does takes skill to make sure the inks are mixed correctly and placed in the correct order.

Lithography is widely used for printing books, pads, business cards, catalogues, posters etc. This is because of the excellent quality results and quick turnaround speed. Whilst it takes longer to set up than a digital printing machine, it’s much quicker to do higher quantities. 

We are here to help with:

  • Lithographic Printing Requirements
  • Digital Printing Requirements
  • Graphic Design Requirements
  • Marketing Requirements

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We are here to help.

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