Consecutive Numbering

Consecutive Numbering

Consecutive Numbering is an additional service we offer when you order custom multi part NCR (No Carbon Required) business forms. 

  • We charge a standard price of £15.00 for Consecutive Numbering (no matter what size order you place). 
  • We start from a number of your choice. 
  • Numbering is consecutive for the entire order and will start from whatever number you require, for example 10001, 10002, 10003, 10004, 10005 etc. 
  • Numbering will be in black and in one position. 
  • All parts on each NCR set are consecutively numbered the same. 
  • All NCR sets are numbered consecutively. 
  • We can also sequentially number single part forms if required. 
  • This charge is per NCR order numbered. 


If you are supplying your own file for us to print from, you can show the numbering position by uploading two files when you order:
1. A visual design file which shows the consecutive numbering position for reference.
2. A second 'print ready' design file with the consecutive numbering information removed.

Please leave an area for us to place the number into. We recommend an area of 30mm wide and 10mm high. When designing artwork that requires consecutive numbering, please use Arial 18 point as a guide for the amount of room that is required for this. 


Consecutive Numbering

Further information:

The Consecutive Numbering Service automatically transfers the number impression to the consecutive sheets in the NCR set below.

We can also number in red ink and in multiple positions (skip numbering) but this will involve extra cost. Please contact us for a bespoke quotation if you have more complex numbering requirements.

We can also number in multiple positions on each NCR form, please contact us to discuss your options. As each order we produce is 'made to order' we can usually tailor make your order to your exact needs. Please ask for a bespoke quotation.

Consecutive Numbering

Adding Consecutive Numbering to your printing means you can keep a track of your paperwork and make sure your business management is a breeze! Consecutive numbering is a very popular option for our NCR carbonless printing service. We can start the numbering from a number of your choice. When you come to re-order your job, we can start the numbering from where you finished on your last order. Numbering helps you account for all your internal business paperwork.

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