Supplying Your Design File for NCR Printing Orders

Supplying Your Design File for NCR Printing Orders

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Here at MD Print Shop, everything we produce is 100% personalised. We are market leading suppliers of customised NCR carbonless business forms. We can print from your supplied press ready PDF file or let us design for you. In all circumstances, we always email a digital proof for our customer to check over and approve before printing. Imagine we have blank sheets of paper in our factory, we need an image to print onto the paper. Most customers will design their own unique design which fits their business practices and intentions and send this to us. The design supplied to us could include the business logo, business details and perhaps a form of some description.

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Supplying Your Design File

Please supply your 'print ready' design files as below to avoid any delays:

  • Format: PDF or JPEG
  • Resolution: 300 dpi minimum
  • Colour: CMYK (RGB/Pantones will be converted)
  • Crop Marks (Please add crop marks if possible)
  • Fonts: Outlined or Embedded
  • Bleed: 3mm

If you want to design your personal form, go-ahead a set this up how you think looks best and once you are happy with it, send it to us for printing. You can attached your design (preferably in PDF format) when you order online via our ecommerce website, or just email it to us at with the specification of your order. Once we receive your order, we will email you a digital proof of your design for you to check over before we send your job to production. Remember all jobs we produce are 'made to order' right here in the UK. We have an experienced team who have been producing custom printed NCR business forms for years!

If you only have a hard copy original form, you could perhaps take a photograph of this on your smart phone and email it to us. We could use this to work from and create a brand new (sharp) designed form for you. We would email this to you as a digital proof for approval before printing your order. You could also send us a good quality (unfolded) form to us in the post and we may be able to use this (especially if the print quality on the form is good and you only require your printing order to be printed in one ink colour).

If you are uncertain as to how to supply a personalised design for us to print from, please contact us. We are here to help and will be able to help sort this out for you.

Design Service

If you are unable to design your own personalised form, we can help. We have an in house graphic design team who can take you supplied business information and produce professional quality design work to fit your exact needs. We can produce logos, create professional forms, and add business particulars and basically make your NCR form look fantastic. We make a one-off charge of £28.00 + VAT to design a personalised form and this design can be used again and again for future orders. You can order your NCR printing order online and select the design option as you order. We will work from the business details you supply and perhaps give you a quick call to discuss your intentions for the forms. We will then set to work on the design and email you a digital proof to check over before producing your job. 

NCR Printing Options:

  • Selection of Paper Sizes
  • Choose between Glued Pads, Perforated & Stapled Books or Individual Sets
  • Selection of Quantities
  • Choose Between Duplicate (2 Part NCR), Triplicate (3 Part NCR) and Quadruplicate (4 Part NCR) carbonless paper
  • Supply your own pre-made design in PDF format or let us design for you
  • Choose 1 Colour Printing of Full Colour Printing
  • Add Sequential Numbering
  • Printing on the back of the sheets available on request
  • Hole Punching available on request

Technical Design Information:

Resolution - We recommend files (including images) to be saved at 300dpi. Lower resolution files may print distorted or pixelated. 

Most pictures on a screen are made up from small dots of colour. Each picture is made up by a certain number of dots or pixels. The higher the number of pixels the higher quality the picture and the larger it can be displayed or printed without distorting. If a picture is enlarged beyond a certain point it will begin to distort and appear blurry.

A screen displays at 72dpi (dots per inch) where commercial presses print to 300dpi (This is a different type of dpi compared to consumer printers). Most images found on the internet are only 72dpi and are unsuitable for our professional printing process. To see how a press would print your logo or picture, zoom in to 400%, or display the image four times as large as you would like it to appear when printed. This will give you an idea of how it would look when professionally printed.

Colours - When designing any file it is important to set up and design the document in CMYK colour. This will save any problems in trying to adjust colours afterwards which can be very difficult if not impossible. It ensures your order will be printed accurately.

Fonts - Please make sure all fonts are outlines or embedded before sending your file to us.

Bleed - When artwork graphics continue to the edge of a sheet of paper or card a bleed is required. This is because commercial printing presses cannot print to the edge of a sheet of paper or card. It is impossible to cut exactly to the edge of your design and therefore a little over print on each side is needed. This over print is the “bleed”. Any document professionally printed will require a bleed area and a safe zone if the print runs to the edge of the document. Please add a 3mm bleed.

Text - We do not recommend having small text very near to the edge of your design. 

Lines - We do not recommend using less than 0.5 point for lines.

Copyright - Please ensure you have legal authorisation and copyright to use an image. We cannot be held responsible for issues with image copyright and our professional involvement with your order is for printing only. 

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