Meeting Record NCR Copy Pads Customised for Schools & Academies

Meeting Record NCR Copy Pads Customised for Schools & Academies

Are you looking for a reliable solution to keep track of meetings and discussions in your educational setting? 

Look no further! Our customised Meeting Record NCR Pads are the perfect tool for schools, academies, and nurseries to efficiently document important information. Our personalised copy pads can include your school logo and are fully personalised and printed to order for you. We print customised Meeting Record FormsAttendance Record Pads, Detention Slips, Late Arrival Forms, Accident/Incident Report Forms etc. We can print from your pre-designed file or let us design for you. After you order, we will email you a digital proof to check and approve before we proceed to production. 

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What are NCR Pads? 

NCR stands for "No Carbon Required," which means these pads are designed to create multiple copies without the need for messy carbon paper. Our NCR pads are made with high-quality carbonless paper, ensuring clear and accurate duplicate copies every time.

  • Meeting Record Forms (Personalised)
  • Attendance Record Forms (Personalised)
  • Late Arrival Forms (Personalised)
  • Detention Forms (Personalised)
  • Accident/Incident Report Forms (Personalised) 

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Why Choose Customised NCR Pads? 

Customised NCR pads offer a professional touch to your meeting records. You can add your school's logo, name, and any other relevant information to create a personalised solution that reflects your institution's identity. Your Meeting Record pads can be printed in black ink only or you can choose full colour printing. Full colour printing means your School/Academy logo can be printed in all its colours. 

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What is the Most Popular Size for Meeting Record Pads? 

The most popular size we print Meeting Record pads is A4 size (210x297mm) which is a standard paper size. This ensures there is enough room on the sheet of paper to comfortably fit all the information required in the meeting. As each job we produce is made to order, we can print your personalised Meeting Record pads to any paper size you require. 

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Can I add Sequential Numbering to my Meeting Record Pads? 

Yes, we can include sequential numbering on your pads. This can make it easy to keep track of your paperwork. We can start the numbering from a number of your choice. We could for instance start from 1001, then 1002, 1003, 1004, 1005 and so on (so each NCR set has its own unique number reference). We can position the sequential numbering anywhere you require on your printed form (as long as there is space for it). 

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Benefits of Our Bespoke NCR Carbonless Pads 

1. Tailored to Your Needs: Our NCR pads are customised to meet your specific requirements, whether you need a specific layout, size, or color scheme. 

2. Efficient Documentation: With duplicate copies, you can easily distribute meeting records to relevant parties while keeping a copy for your records. 

3. Professional Appearance: Customised NCR pads add a professional touch to your documentation, enhancing the overall image of your educational institution. 

School Meeting Record Pads Made to Order in the UK

We custom print all our personalised Meeting Record and Attendance Note Pads in the UK. Your order will be printed to your exact personal needs. We will work from the information you supply when you place your order to ensure your order arrives exactly to your customised requirements. Support British manufacturing and order from MD Print Shop. 

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How We Can Help 

Our team specialises in printing, designing, and manufacturing bespoke NCR carbonless paper pads for schools, academies, and nurseries. We work closely with you to understand your needs and create a tailored solution that meets your requirements. 

Don't settle for generic meeting record pads. Invest in customised NCR pads that are designed specifically for your educational setting. Contact us today to learn more about our customised NCR printed pads and books for schools and academies. 

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